You miscalculated.
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since girls want a croptop movement from guys i want a girls wearing obnoxiously long shirts almost down to their ankles


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Fairy Tail (2014) Ep. 3 - Erza Scarlet Appreciation Post.


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Accept Your Fate.


This is important.

Mother’s Day is soon, and I want everyone to remember that human mothers are not the only mothers who deserve our acknowledgment, sympathy and gratitude.

This is for the mother cows who are kept in confinement, repeatedly raped and impregnated to produce milk for greedy humans, only to watch helplessly as their newborn calves are dragged away to become veal, and meet death when they can no longer produce children or milk.

This is for the mother pigs who are repeatedly raped and impregnated, forced to carry out their pregnancy and give birth in small gestation crates, unable to touch and interact with their own children from inside of a cage, and ultimately slaughtered.

This is for the mother hens whose baby boys will be thrown into grinders or garbage bags because male chicks are of no value to the egg or poultry industries, and whose baby girls will grow up to suffer the same fate of confinement, feminine health issues like uterine prolapse and ovarian cancer, and untimely murder.

This is for every female body that has ever been viewed as nothing more than an incubator, a reproductive machine. This is for the humans and nonhumans alike whose reproductive capacity is exploited rather than honored.

One day the world will understand and change.
One day we’ll finally respect all of our mothers: our human mothers, our nonhuman mothers, and our mother Earth.

For now, I’ll keep fighting. I love you.





You know when you read a fanfic so good, but so good, that it makes you ship the ship even more, that changes your perspective of your ship and makes you stop to think about things while you cry


Wouldn’t we all?

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